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    2. 企業實力
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         Our always adhere to the concept of commitments to action, Adhere to mankind's ideals, Committed to the cultivation of human culture and the management of human nature, efforts to advocate "team is core, honesty and credit are most important", creating an excellent team, providing our customers high-quality products.



         Our company has a high-level science research team and complete test equipment. More than 30 special test equipments such as Rubber vulcanization instrument with no rotor, Electronic tensile testing machine, Ozonebox,  resistant climate chamber,  High and low temperature test chamber, flash point tester, test-bed for chemical analysis, which be able to meet the demand for products testing, semi-finished products testing and raw materials analysis, provides reliable guarantee for product quality.



         Our company has more than 10 advanced production lines can be able to produce knitting hose, winding hose, weaving hose, sunk cord hose, fabric hose, PU hose, pure gum hose, etc; Has more than 100 sets of specialized production equipments such as Ingredients auxiliary equipment, Banburymixer, Glue filtering machine rubber filter, assembly line for rubber cooling, calendar, Cold feed rubber pin extruder, high-speed knitting machines, Winding Machine, Knitting machine, 20 m double-sided Forming Machine, Injection machine; Using ERP software management system; Average daily capacity is 22 thousand inch-miter hose.


      Advanced automated dosing mixing system further en sure product quality